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Draft registration card for Francis H CHALCRAFT

November 11, 2013

Slowly finding and posting items that are helping in my family research – geez! I wish there was just more time … Here are some items found and posted onto my genealogy board in Pinterest.

For my grandfather, Francis Herbert CHALCRAFT, his World War I draft registration card:

U.S.WorldWarIDraftRegistrationCards1917-1918FrankHerbertChalcraft_front U.S.WorldWarIDraftRegistrationCards1917-1918FrankHerbertChalcraft_back

(where it reads that he is 18 years old, born November 13, 1899; and he lives at home with his mother (Rose nee MACE) and father (Charles CHALCRAFT) at 108 Stockton Street in Brooklyn NY, in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood.) When looking for this address in Google Maps, it seems that the address no longer exists – that perhaps its become a parking lot or an empty lot. The building at 107 Stockton was built in 2011, based on my research, so this neighborhood has gone through a great deal of change since 1918.

108_stockton_st_brooklyn 108_stockton_st_brooklyn_02

By the way – the back of the draft registration card indicates that Frank Chalcraft is tall and slender with grey eyes and light-colored hair.

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