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So, he fought in the Spanish American War – William Henry VALENTINE

September 30, 2013

I had scanned and shared an image in a recent post about my ancestor, William Henry VALENTINE (b. November 26, 1874; d August 24, 1946). Well, in going through more documents I’ve had I realized that the certificate of American citizenship was part of a packet of documents he had to gather in order to submit his pension request.

Here’s a portion of that packet of documents. This first one, believed to be completed by his wife – Harriet Ellen ASTON – includes his declaration of his service … That he served in the 22nd New York Volunteer Infantry in 1898 during the Spanish American War. (click on the image to view as a larger size)

In addition to his military service information, this has some great information about his marriage and children. And as it was completed by Harriet, his wife, I’m going to give it high credibility in what it states. I’m also rather curious about the spelling of her first name – she writes it Harriette. In every other document I’ve seen it as Harriet. Hmmmmmm


So, per her own declarations on this document William Henry VALENTINE and Harriet Ellen ASTON were married on October 20, 1898, by the chaplain of his regiment.

And here is a scan of William’s discharge from service (click on it to view it larger).


And the reverse side – which is admittedly my favorite part …


It reads:

Noncommissioned Officer: Warranted Corporal Sept 1st 1898

Remarks: Service Honest and Faithful
Character: Excellent

It’s my favorite part because it’s not just dates or facts … it is some context to my ancestor’s life, particularly his service in the military.

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