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Joseph Henry ASTON and the US Civil War

September 27, 2013

I posted about this on my Facebook timeline earlier this month – on September 17th to be precise. A little something I found: Civil War Muster Roll extract for my great-great-grandfather, Joseph Henry ASTON (b. December 02, 1834, d. January 05, 1905)


Joseph Henry ASTON enlisted on July 3, 1861, at the age of 27 (according to the first page of the muster roll extract), as a Private in the 82nd NY Infantry. He transferred from Company A to Company E on July 15 of that same year. (His brother George Weston ASTON was in Company E of the 82nd NY Infantry; so, I am assuming that Joseph transferred to be with his brother).

You can see from the image above the remarks – they read as follows:

MR April 30/62 Present. MR June 30/62 Present. Borne as Asten. MR Augt 31/62 Absent. MR Oct 31/62 Absent, wounded and captured in action Sept 17/62 at Antietam MD now in Camp Parole Annapolis MD. MR Feby 28/63 Present. MR April 10/63 Present. MR Oct 31/63 Present. MR Dec 31/63 Present. MR Feby 29/64 Present. MR April 3 of 64 Present.

He was mustered out on 25 June 64 having gone to New York City.
On the 21st of May 1864, he was discharged due to “Expiration of term of service.”
His rank when discharged was Private.

The most interesting part of this extract is the note about his being wounded and captured at Antietam, which on Sept 17, 1862, was the bloodiest single day’s battle in US history. It remains so to this very day.

To do: Research the involvement of the 82nd NY Infantry in the Battle of Antietam … to see where my ancestor would have been on the battlefield itself.

Funny thing … in 2008 the family went on a weekend trip to the Antietam battlefield (photos can be seen on Flickr at
and I didn’t know about my great-great-grandfather’s involvement until now. Oh well …


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